2020 Maintenance partnership with Saint Gobain Weber AG, Silo revisions, Boningen
2019 Relocation Subsidiary Rohrbau Pratteln to the CABB area
Maintenance partnership with CABB AG, Pratteln
2018 Relocation headquarters Zofingen into a new office building
2017 Maintenance partnership with Siegfried Evionnaz SA
2015 Maintenance partnership with ABB Schweiz AG, Zurich
2013 Construction of a new industrial and office building for our business in Pratteln
2012 Fusion of Bilfinger Industrial Services Swiss AG, Bilfinger Industrial Services Rohrbau Pratteln AG and OKI Swiss AG into Bilfinger Industrial Services Schweiz AG
2010 Integration of Rohrbau-Group
Partnership in maintenance with Siegfried Ltd, Zofingen
2005 Foundation of Bilfinger Industrial Services Swiss AG
Partnership in maintenance with Hoffmann Neopac AG, Oberdiessbach
2002 Foundation of Rohrbau Pratteln AG
1991 Foundation of chemical and fire defence academy, Zofingen
1977 Foundation of Rohrbau Grenzach GmbH
1967 Foundation of OKI Swiss AG