Operations engineering

  • Coordination of repairs and modifications to equipment
  • Planning, organisation and implementation of revisions and shutdowns
  • Optimisation of processes, process engineering, safety etc.
  • Design and development of technical solutions and optimisation strategies
  • Communication with customers, suppliers and authorities
  • Schedule and budget control

Additional services

Additional services

- Preparation of piping and instrumentation flow charts

- 3D CAD construction (plant and pipeline construction)

- Preparation of plant documentation, Ex zone plans

- Handling of troubleshooting for electrical, automation and mechanical systems


- Preparation of maintenance plans and catalogues of replacement parts



- GAMP 5

- GMP standards

- 21 CFR Part 11

- Pharmaceuticals Act (AMG)

- Ordinance on the Manufacture of Medicinal Products and Active Ingredients (AMWHV)

- Therapeutic Products Act (HMG)

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