Thermal insulation, external & internal insulation

Innovations in insulation, covering low- to high-temperature ranges

Save energy, protect the environment and work safely!

With ideal thermal insulation, we help you reduce energy costs and make a significant contribution to protecting the environment. Optimum insulation also ensures a healthy indoor environment and improved working conditions – important prerequisites for safe industrial procedures. We also offer innovations in power-station insulation.

Internal insulation

Internal insulation systems for heat recovery boilers face very specific challenges due to their direct contact with flue gas. Cladding panels and special insulation materials must endure temperatures of up to 1000 degrees. We have already implemented many of these sophisticated systems worldwide. This makes us an internationally sought-after partner for special solutions in power-station construction and interior insulation.

Examples of services

Examples of services

- Insulation for industrial, household and marine equipment

- Boilers, filters, piping, equipment and plant components

- Insulation for sewage treatment, such as digestion tanks

- Ventilation systems

- Insulating mattresses

- Metal cassettes

- Mineral fibre blowing process

- Turbine insulation

- Facade insulation

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