Mobile maintenance

Mobile Maintenance with enginius® has become a synonym for innovation and usability for modern maintenance.

By using small and modern mobile devices (PDAs), the maintenance engineer has all relevant information for the inspection, maintenance or repair services of its facilities directly on site and can generate reports (realized operations, required materials and production resources).

Within the scope of different requirements (e.g. legislation) the maintenance engineer has to spend an immense part of his working time for the documentation of his activities. A mobile maintenance system reduces this documentation time and enables the user to capture additional information (e.g. measured values, plant conditions). Therefore enginius® offers especially for maintenance a verified mobile solution, that allows via simple operation sequences and an intuitive user interface an efficient working in the production environment.

The results of using a mobile solution are sustainable effects, such as:

  • Reducing of nonproductive time
  • Simplifying the process via auto identification
  • Analysis of data because of standardization
  • Complete documentation

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