Vibration monitoring with VibraCheck

Until now, it has not been possible to include numerous types of production equipment in condition-oriented maintenance systems either for economic or for safety-related reasons. With VibraCheck, the benefits of online and offline measuring technology can now be combined for the first time in a very simple and inexpensive way.

Autonomous machine monitoring, precise diagnostics

VibraCheck works completely autonomously and does not require any lines for sending measurement data or supplying power. In this way, the frequently very expensive cabling required to connect devices can be eliminated completely, especially when using the Ex VibraCheck for explosive areas. VibraCheck measures machine vibration at freely definable points in time and in configurable intervals and sends the data to the user via a standard mobile communications network. In this way, data on the condition of the machinery can be retrieved and evaluated at any time and from any place in the world, thus obviating the need for the time-consuming routes required with offline measure- ments, which are frequently problematic in terms of safety. As the vibrations are always measured at precisely the same place and the measurement interval can be adjusted in accordance with the equipment to be monitored, a precise assess- ment of the condition of the machinery in question is possible. The VibraCheck unit integrates sensors for all measurement directions, which can be individually selected on a remote basis via the Internet.

There are no restrictions to the pos- sible evaluations as all necessary information required for condition monitoring (e.g. the amplitude spectrum, the shell spectrum and the effective value) is made available to the diagnostician.

The results of measurement data evaluation are presented on a web-based frontend. This means that it is possible to view and evaluate the measurement data from your PC via the Internet. The measurement intervals (days, weeks, months), measurement times and measurement direction can be conveniently edited online, e.g. from your office. If required, the user can also be alerted by email if the vibration measured exceeds defined levels.

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